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Congratulations! You’re engaged!

I consider it a privilege and an honour to be able to conduct a wedding ceremony for you! I have all required documents and can assist you with filling out forms. I have lots of information about options available.

I can create a ceremony for you that says just what you want and still meets legal requirements. The ceremony can be very simple or very elaborate – whichever suits you best. It can include roles for special people in your lives like best mates, beloved Aunts and Uncles and even special friends or family who can’t be at the ceremony.

It can include symbolic ceremonies like hand-fasting or my favourite, the celtic Loving Cup ceremony. Then again, it can be created to include family or ethnic traditions.

There are few limits when we are creating THE ceremony! You can have anything you want.

I particularly like the ceremonies that are conducted in a location that is very special to the couple. It can be on the family property, or even the beach at Yeppoon – anywhere that the couple want their ceremony!

No two ceremonies are the same, which is how it should be because no two couples are the same and their ceremony should be personal and unique to reflect that.

I’ve conducted ceremonies that are now being referred to as ‘elopements’. That’s when you do away with all the pressure of meeting other people’s expectations and just five of us meet to conduct the ceremony, the Bride, the Groom, two witnesses and myself. You can always have a bang up celebration at another time.

Or would you like to surprise your guests? Invite them to a BBQ at your place, and surprise them by having your wedding conducted during the festivities?

I’m prepared to meet with you for a no obligation information session. Contact me.


You’ve had a baby? Congratulations!

I can create a Naming Ceremony just for you. I just love being a part of a couple swearing before their family and friends their very best intentions for the upbringing and future of their child.

Talk with me and we’ll arrange something that you can look back on forever with fond memories.

Renewal of Vows

Been married for a while? Do you want to celebrate the relationship you have created over the years? Would you like to renew those vows made all those years ago? Or would you like to make new vows that suit the couple you’ve become?

Whatever suits you – we can create a ceremony that says just what you wish.

Commitment Ceremony

Are you unable to be legally married? Is here currently some legal impediment to marriage but you want to publicly declare your love and commitment to your partner? Contact me and we’ll create and conduct a Commitment Ceremony for you.

If you’re a same sex couple, I’ll create an appropriate Commitment Ceremony so you can declare your love and commitment to one-another. Have you considered registering a Civil Partnership? We can discuss that when we talk about a Commitment Ceremony.

New Beginnings

Have you just divorced? Taken on a new job, a new career, a change of any description? If you’d like to mark this new direction in your life with a ceremony, contact me and we can discuss what you have in mind.


Have you ever been to one of those ‘insert name here’ funerals that make no allowance for the life the person lived or the particular loss the family and friends are trying to deal with? Then have me create a ceremony that is as individual as your lost loved one. Contact me and we can discuss what you have in mind.

Pet Funeral

Are you grieving the loss of a furred or feathered family member? Yes, I can conduct a Pet Funeral for you. Call me and share your ideas with me.

Other Ceremonies…

Yes, I’m prepared to create a ceremony to suit any milestone you’d like to celebrate. Contact me and let’s discuss what you have in mind.

Cynthia Munro