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News My Tips for Writing Your Own Vows

This is your wedding. And your vows are a very important part of that ceremony. Here are some things that could help you to write your own vows. Tell me what you want and we’ll make it happen.

Questions to Help Prepare Your Ceremony

Discuss these questions with your fiancé, and then share with your celebrant so that everyone has a much better idea of the type of ceremony that would suit you best.

Emerald Botanic Gardens

Emerald Botanic Gardens have grown and developed into a wonderful facility for the town of Emerald and for the whole of Central Queensland. I can imagine wonderful wedding ceremonies being conducted here.

Who Pays For What?

Traditionally, the majority of the wedding was paid for by the brides’ family. But with the increasing cost of weddings in the modern day, these now vary. Here’s a great list of who (traditionally) pays for what…

How To Plan For Your Wedding

Planning for a wedding can be an extremely stressful, and trying time, especially as the big day approaches. Here’s how to plan for your wedding and minimise the stress!

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