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Ceremonies by Cynthia

Here are some questions you could discuss with your fiancé, and then share your responses with your celebrant so that everyone has a much better idea of the type of ceremony that would suit you best.

Do you already know of paragraphs of prose/poems/scriptures that want included in your service? Do you have any particular quotes/sayings that you feel describe your relationship etc?

Do you want to include some special person/s by having them participate in some way in your ceremony?

Do you wish to particularly honour some person/s who have recently passed away?

Think of weddings you have been to. What happened there that you’d like to have happen at your wedding? What do you remember most about the last weddings you went to?

Have you seen/heard something at another wedding that you didn’t like?

Share with me :-
• Why are you getting married.
• What is marriage, in your opinion? Define “marriage”.
• What you love about/value most in your fiancé.
• What qualities does your partner brings out in you?
• In what way are you similar? In what way are you different?
• Why are you better as a married couple than as you are now?
• In your opinion, what makes a successful marriage?
• What do you feel you need from your marriage?
• What terms are you comfortable with? – cherish, honour, forever and always, in sickness and in health, worldly goods, all that I have, all that I am or will be…
• Do you wish to write your own vows?
• Why are you exchanging rings? Why? What does a ring symbolise to you?
• How traditional do you want your ceremony to be?
• Do you want a particular symbol/ceremony included in your ceremony?
• What do you want to be “remembered most” about your ceremony?
• What will satisfy both yourselves and your family in the way of text?
• Will you “feel” married if you don’t have a “traditional” wedding?