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Ceremonies by CynthiaIt’s easy to overlook notifying someone that you want to be known by your married name in the future.

Below is a list of some of the places that you may want to notify of your change of name.

Please note… this is by no means an exhaustive list and is only meant as a guide.

• Employer
• Superannuation
• Passport
• Electoral Roll
• Student ID card
• Medicare Card
• Bank and/or Credit Union/Building Society
• Loans – Home, Car, Other – Rent to Buy etc.
• Insurance – Medical, Life, Income Protection, Car, Home, Contents
• Blood Bank
• Australia Post (for redirection of mail)
• Clubs, Organisations and Associations: eg Rotary, Lions, Probus, Apex, Sports Clubs
• Firearms Licence
• Workplace certificates. Eg Plant tickets, Weigh-Bridge licence etc.
• Main Roads – Drivers Licence, Vehicle Registration
• Medicare, Doctor, Dentist – other health providers
• Credit Card
• Loan Accounts
• Investments
• Accountant
• Australian Tax Office
• Trade Union
• Professional Associations
• Solicitor / Public Trustee
• Centrelink and/or Dept Vet Affairs.
• Legacy
• Library
• Regional Council
• Magazine subscriptions
• Telephone supplier – Landline / Mobile
• Electricity Supplier
• Gas Supply
• Chemist